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Friday, July 6, 2012

FAF- Fiber Arts Friday Ideas

Hey All, Where do I start? I have so much I want to share with you. OK lets start with the newly spun art yarn below. This yarn was a blast to spin. Its full of treasures and trinkets. Ill only tell you a few. An interesting fish charm, crochet flowers, sequins and loads more treasures throughout. I will be listing it on Etsy soon. So lets get to to FAF Fiber arts Friday. I'm showing you a series of scarves that I actually knitted this week! Yup all in a week and spun the yarn. I used my art yarns, 45 yards to be exact.  I also made a tutorial video on the stitch used to make the yarns. Its on You Tube and you can find it under Pamsfiber, then go to Drop st tutorial, its free and I give a lot of tips on knitting with art yarns and show you how to do the stitch used in these scarves.  I will be adding lots of tutorial videos in the coming months for both knitters and spinners. Check it out on You Tube under PamsFiber.
Next I wanted to share with you the neck pillow I made out of my Out Of The Box art yarnfor the FAF idea.  It was simple and is absolutely adorable. Its been a big hit with those who have seen it. I used 45 yards of art yarn, sz 17 needle, muslin, wool for stuffing (or use poly fill) and sewing thread. Here is how I did it. I first CO 30 st, I knitted until I used up all the yarn (45 yards) leaving enough yarn to sew the sides. I then laid out the piece and cut the muslin the exact size of the knitted piece. I folded the muslin in half and whip stitched 3 sides. No concern how your sewing looks it wont be seen. I then stuffed the muslin pillow, really stuffed it so it would support my neck as a neck roll. I then sewed the 4th side closing the pillow. I then sewed 3 sides of the knitted piece with the yarn tail you should have left, inserted the pillow and sewed the open end . VIOLA! Fast, easy, 45 yards and you have a wonderful pillow that you'll love to have by your side. Use as a neck pillow, lumbar support pillow, take it in the car or just place it on a chair to admire....I hope you like this FAF project! Enjoy. Be sure to let me know if you make one and maybe even send a picture. See you next Friday! PS don't forget to go on You Tube and type in the search section Pamsfiber for the free video. You can view my yarns at

Farm news: AIR CONDITION in the farm shop! YAY! Open most Sundays and some Saturdays, Call to be sure and as always will open anytime by appointment.
The animals are surviving the heat but some days are not happy about it. I keep the fans on them and they keep still and passe their eating so as not to heat up to much.... They all say Hi and hope your enjoying your summer......HUGS from the farm. I was able to figure out how to post the link to You Tube! Im getting so computer savy! LOL! Enjoy.

Join this blog as a follower anytime in July and be placed in a drawing for a FREE Spinner's Notebook fiber arts book. If your not fmiliar you can find it listed in my Etsy shop.....drawing end of month /beginner of next! Join up and keep a watch for FAF! And tutorials onYou Tube....

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