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Thursday, August 30, 2012

FAF fiber art friday! Hexagonal afghan/shawl

Hey everyone! Its Friday so here is my fiber arts project of the week! I have been making these afghans all summer  and I love them! And I love making them. I have posted photos of 4 out of five of them on FB and have had many a request for the pattern. So here it is. I took a few patterns and combined the recipes to make the following, to my liking. I have to tell you though I'm not a pattern writer so I hope you can understand what I have done.  I wrote it exactly like I would knit it. If your not clear on something, don't hesitate to write and ask me to clarify and Ill do my best. Have fun and enjoy. Oh Id love to see your afghan when completed! These are made all from my handspun hand dyed yarns, alpaca and Babydoll Southdown. One is my grandsons, one is mine, one is for sale and one was an order as a gift. I also did one not pictured for my new granson expected in November.  They are great for anyone! This can be worn folded in half as a shawl or fold 1/4 of it over as a collar for a shawl! Its a two in one project! It also makes a beautiful nursing blanket.
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My favorite afghan pattern from Pamsfiber Dream Come True Farm

Bulky handspun yarn

Chain 6 or co 6 onto sz 15 dp needle. Join chain in circle and pick up 2 st on each DP needle OR join your Co st in circle. Don't forget to put a marker at the join. Do not twist your st


Increase every st around once


* Now increase 1st, and in between middle 2 st and last st on every needle

* K

* K

Continue last 3 rows (*)until you can transfer st onto round needles sz 17 or19 or whatever you have

Place marker at the 1st st on every needle, in between middle 2 st and last st on each needle continue the increase You should have 6 markers

Continue the three pattern rows increasing before and after each st marker

Increase to approx 250 to 300 st on needle or however beg you'd like

BO in purl st loose. your edge will curl a little but I thick it adds to the design, framing the hexagonal shape

See you next Friday! XO


Lykkagard vom Stettiner Haff said...

Große Arbeiten Deine Hexagonal Afghan!
Schönes Wochenende Dir
Liebe grüße

WoolWench said...

Thank you so much for sharing this pattern Pam! I think this will be my winter project, I can imagine this over my knees already :) and I love the angles. Now I just need to come to terms with the idea of using dp needles XD But its too pretty not to make just cos of an irrational fear of pointy objects right!