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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Big Etsy Update! And Farm News

Hi Everyone!
Today I listed a number of new items in my Etsy shop. This is the time of year to start thinking about our fall winter fiber fun! I will be listing new items weekly if not twice a week through the fall and winter. The shop is full! If you have a special request after visiting the shop please be sure to drop me a line and Ill try to accommodate you..A sneak preview below!
click the above link to visit my Etsy!

*Don't forget our Pluckyfluff reunion gathering is this Sunday, September 30th, details in the previous post.

*I'm working on what I think is an awesome project for this Fridays Fiber Arts day, so be sure to check in

*Two and a half weeks until my pygora goats arrive!! Then I will share some pygora fiber! Watch my Etsy shop for some dyed pygora locks to be listed soon.

*Im working on some new You Tube Videos by requst, so check back for that update!
Braiding your roving for neat storage and display
Spinning a core yarn without a core
The knit CO cast on

Im teaching a two day workshop at Madison Wool in Madison Ct on wire core spinning. To complete the work shop we will use the yarn in 3 projects. You may visit Madsion wool on the web for details or feel free to email me.

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