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Friday, September 28, 2012

FAF Fiber Arts Friday tip!

Hey everyone,
I know that I said I had a knitting idea that I wanted to share today, but life got in the way as it so often does here on the farm and the knitting part is not completed for photographing. So I have someting to sahre with you anyway. Its a great tip for those BIG knitting needle projects.

So here it is, I want to share a quick idea that for me was an amazing simple discovery! You all know I spin and knit with mostly big bulky yarns and art yarns so Im knitting with BIG knitting needles. I started knitting the hexagonal shawl/afghan throw's (5 of them) this summer and needed needle stitch markers which needed to be really big! I was knitting with sz 19 rounds. I had no stitch markers to fit the big needles. So I went to the craft store and bought a package of key rings! Yup, plain old key rings. They had them in 2 sizes so I bough both. One sz fits 15 to 19 and the next size up fits 35 and 50! Perfectly! They come in colors and silver tones. The package held about 25 rings each and was about 3.99! I was previously making my own markers with yarn and found myself knitting them into the project and needing to snip them out and make another. I was spending $5.00-6.00 on a package of 8 stitch markers! And only geting about 2 in the package that would fit sz 15, never mind anything bigger!
Amazing discovery! I hope this little tip will help you out when those big needle projects come out!
A small post and tip, but a huge savings in $$ and aggravation! (:

Farm News:
Sunday 9/30 Camp Pluckyfluff reunion, shop is open and two week count down to the arrival of the pygora goats! 10am-5pm

Fall is here and being enjoyed fully by both humans and critters on this farm

Etsy being updated on a regular basis, lots of new items click here: PamsFiber shop

Luke my 4 yr old grandson got a guinea pig that resides here on the farm with us. So adorable. Both Luke and the little piggy!

A new batch of goat milk soap has been made and is curing and will be in the famr shop, you can order some through the blog as well.

Our really big open house date is set for Thanksgiving weekend, stay tuned for details

See you all soon! XO

Two sizes hown here:
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