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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spinning with the Netherlands

We finally pulled off our international spinning day with the gals from the Netherlands! It was awesome. We met here and made the Skype call at 8 am our time, 2pm Netherlands time. We met some of the most talented women who shared with us information about the most common sheep breeds that are from their area, talked about all the different spinning wheels that each uses. We even had a mini knitting lesson on a beautiful  new st. We laughed a lot and became so inspired by these lovely women. I believe we are ALL friends now on FB so we can continue to share and inspire.
 It all started when Suzy Brown aka Wool Wench and I became friends on FB    I admired her work for a long time and one night I decided to write her and ask if she would be interested in a Skype spinning day with our group of spinners and hers? She immediately agreed and we set a date. Well, the first date was cancelled do to unusual snow amounts in the Netherlands. I believe the same happened with the second date except it was us in the US that had the snow. Then it happened this past Tuesday, International Spinning Day! The Netherlands spinners joined the US spinners right here in my living room. It really was spectacular to meet with women of like minds and who were so willing to share from so far away. We agreed to do a skein swap which is going to be a lot of fun. Our girls all have their own fiber animals and farms and are spinning skeins to swap from their own animals. I really hope this can be the beginning of a yearly if not more often meeting between two groups of women who have so much in common and so love the fiber arts.  Thank you so much to Suzy Brown, ( Wool Wench ) and to all of the ladies from the Netherlands. Ill see you all again soon..
 Some of the Netherlands spinners!

 Thank you Suzy for helping host this awesome day of sharing!

 Sharing a new knitting technique from across the world!

This was truly a wonderful experience that left me smiling all day long on Tuesday. Now I'm smiling again remembering the excitement we all shared in my living room while meeting our new spinning buddies! technology can be awesome!


WoolWench said...

Thank YOU Pam for having this great idea :) I love how our technology is helping connect people from all over the world, to talk about ancient crafts together! I like that :)

Lykkagard said...

Was für eine Aufregung! Austausch von Freude und Fingerfertigkeit! LG lykka

marijke Bongers said...

Having a really tough week and this day puts a smile on my face. It's the kind of thing we will talk about for years to come. thanks girls on both sides! xxx Marijke