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Friday, March 1, 2013

Etsy shop 15% off Everything SALE!

I recently have been updating my Etsy shop with some great art yarns and some awesome new custom batts  I'm offering a Spring fling sale. There is 15% off of everything in the shop and its full! Shearing season is just around the corner in April so there is a need to destash! The sale is for an undetermined amount of time. Visit my Etsy and see if your interested in anything. You'll use the coupon code springfling which is also on my etsy page. You will automatically receive the discount when making the payment.
Spring really is just around the corner. And here on the farm we cant wait! Spring thaw=mud=SPRING! we'll deal with the mud for now...

Click the link to go directly to my Etsy shop. Tell your friends about our sale

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