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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bragging Rights

Another post already? You bet! Im bragging now. Etsy one of the sites that sells my yarn and goat milk soap has chosen my brown and white Babydoll Southdown handspun yarn as a fall "Treasure Find" to fit in with their fall display add for browns. I was so excited when I was notified. This is actually the second time one of my yarns has been featured (out of thousands!) Humble you say, NO NOT ME! Im bragging, yes. Im happy, honored and now inspired to spin. Thanks for listening to me. Click on the title above Bragging Rights and it will bring you to the Etsy site Treasure page..


Sandra said...

Way to go Pam!! That is more than exciting. I agree, you better start spinning.

Many Happy Stitches or in this case-Spins,
Sandra Sullivan

Beverly said...

Yay!! Good for you!
Your yarns are beautiful. Wish I knitted better than I do!!

Jessica Beyer said...

Your yarn is so beautiful and Congrats on the pick!

Pams Fiber from Dream Come True Farm said...

Thanks you for the warm supporting words on my babydoll yarn pick!