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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dyeing to be new again!

Well last year I knitted the drop stitch vest from one of may favorite sheep A corriedale named Susan who died the year before. I had a little of her roving left so I spun it up and decided I needed to knit something from it for me, to remember her by. Not that I would ever forget her, she was 14 years old and one of the sweetest ewes ever! I adored Susan, she was blind for two years before she died. So anyway I knitted this drop stitch vest and it was to long, I was not so happy with it. So this morning I cut 4 inches off! Picked up the stitches, knitted a row then bound it off. Then I decided that the natural white did not really do anything for the look of the vest either. So into the dye pot it went. It was about two min. and I remembered a nice little gray vest that I had knitted that was kind of blah as well so I ran and found it and into the dye pot that sent as well. Simmering in the pot I watched both pieces as they changed color becoming New vest both in color and for the one that I cut, in style. I love them both now and will wear them often!
What do you think? Im now thinking of other things I can make new by throwing them into the dye pot as well. By the way, on the needles now is yet another vest! A seed stitch vest out of rose gray alpaca. I find I get a lot of wear out of the vest becasue alpaca or bulky wool sheep sweaters are just way to warm to wear inside, and how many out door wool sweaters does one need? I'll post pictures as it progesses a little more.

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