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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've gone WiLd and CrAzY!

Below is my completed project of the week. In the previous post you saw I got my new wild drum carder, which cards batts that are truly pieces of art. Carded together are pieces of yarn, embroidery thread, angora and suri curley locks, sheep wool, alpaca wool and angeline for glitter. A labor of love. I carded these batts then spun the yarn on my Ashford bulky spinner. This yarn is extra bulky, soft and extra beautiful! I knitted neck warmers shown below, one for myself, and two for the shop. I put together two kits as well, pattern, artf yarn skein and ceramic button which will also go into the shop. Im so happy with this yarn and the neck warmer that it produced that Im now spinning an extra bulky alpaca natural colored yarn that I will also put into a kit with wood branch buttons and pattern. This will also be offered in the shop. I hope you like what you see and will stop on by and see this wonderful yarn in person. If interested in purchasing a kit or neckwarmer and you live afar contact me. The WiLd and CrAzY neck warmers are 38.00 a piece and the kits with art yarn, pattern and ceramic button are 32.00 a piece. Open this Sunday the 31st of October. Stop by for some apple cider! It should be a gorgeous day for a ride to the farm.

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