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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Newest silk and merino handspun

I have completed two more or the silk alpaca blends(3 color blends in all) The shades of pink with purple, some gold and natural silk is my favorite. Well then again I love the ocean colors too! Oh heck, I love them all. I also completed a sweater for my water bottle. My New Years resolution is to drink more water daily. So I though a sweater for my bottle to sport would be nice. So this is made on a knitting loom that was hand made for me, it represents my first lambing season, years ago. It was made by Noreen Crone-Findlay. I love the little loom it makes the most wonderful bags that you can really jazz up with buttons beads or just use some wild yarn like I spun for this bag.
The yarns That I completed this week will be added to the shop, they have been washed and are setting while they dry over the wood stove. I have started another water bottle sweated to put up for sale in the shop as well. I guess Im still on a roll!
I hope everyone's New Year has started out nicely and all is well.

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Verde Farm said...

What beautiful colors you’ve got there. I absolutely love the water bottle sweater--what a neat idea :)