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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Storm 2011!

Well, here we go again. This is the first storm of 2011! We had at least 12 inches if not 14! And that was on to of a foot we had from last week! I have to say while it was snowing and now this morning, it is beautiful out here on the farm. The animals are all out eating snow as if its some kind of great treat! Mike shoveled all the path ways so that my poor short legged babydoll Southdowns can get around (poor Mike) Not all husbands would shoves paths all over the paddocks so that the sheep can get around! He is a good guy....I had to share ALL of these pics and of course there is about 20 more, but Ill spare you..Everyone is happily eating or playing in the snow as I leave to go inside. Now that I know everyone is taken care of I can go in and knit by the wood stove. Hmmmmm ? what shall I make for a snowy night diner? I hope you all made out A OK if you had snow. Oh believe it or not we are to have more snow tonight with an accumulation! Ill let you know how we make out...Stay warm, Pam

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Verde Farm said...

Oh my-these picutres are absolutely gorgeous. I love them. You are right--it takes a good hubby to shovel all those paths. I know the babies appreciated it though. What a gorgeous scene you have.