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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bittersweet News From Dream Come True Farm

Today April 3rd I have a sad but a necessary decision to tell you about. Some of you know that I have had a terrible fall and winter with a bad back. A back that has kept me from participating in life the way I'm use to. I was diagnosed with a spinal condition that will progress as I age, something I had thought I could refuse to do, ageing that is! HA, well life happens, and here I am. Doctors wanted to do spinal fusion surgery on my back this year after I went through 8 weeks of PT with no relief. I have chosen alternative methods of treating this which I'm happy to say has given me much relief, but wont cure the condition. So the bottom line is I have to lighten my work load, to prolong or hopefully put off any kind of serious back surgery. My husband Mike does so much around here as it is and works his full time Phone company job, I just can't keep adding chores onto his list. So as sad is this is, I have made the decision to move my alpaca boys to a new farm. The GOOD news is they are going to a wonderful farm in Windsor CT and will be cared by for by two wonderful people who have seemed to just fall in love with the alpaca boys.The farm itself is called The Foster Family Farm. You can view them on FB. Its a gorgeous setting, beautiful grass paddocks, corn fields, they produce their own hay and they have miniature donkeys. Sheep will be added to the farm when the times is right. I'm very happy with this home for my boys. I don't thing I could have found a better place. My work load will much lighter with the boys gone. They are a strong animal that needs to be handled every 6 weeks for worming injections, they produce much manure that I clean and haul away each and everyday and the hay that they eat needs to be brought from our bottom barn up to the top barn for storage. So you see, the work will be less. My Babydoll SOuthdown sheep will still be here, my two Nigerian goats, the two llamas and the miniature horse and the pony will remain. The additional good news is I will continue to have access to alpaca fiber for spinning and dyeing from a farm here in CT. So alpaca supply will still be available. I may even seek out some more CT wool growers that would like to sell their fiber.
Its a bittersweet decision and a necessary decision. My boys will be missed not only by us, but by their barnyard friends. It'll take a few weeks but all will settle down around here and we'll know that the right decision has been made. I'll always have a spot in my heart for the boys. My other barnyard friends will help me through the adjustment.
Dream Come True Farm will still be here, thriving and enjoying life. We're a tough bunch!

We will miss our boys but they are leaving us with some great memories and now they will bring some great memories to a new farm. Enjoy the boys Foster Famil Farm!! I know we did.


Maureen said...

Hi Pam: I am so sorry to hear about your fall and back issues. My family has been coming to your farm for years, and I have found you to be such a delightful and interesting person who loves to share her farm, fiber creations and animals with everyone. We love your store, and my children love the visits that we make on an annual basis. I love the fact that you have a children section in your store. You make them feel special. Love, the Fleming Family in Trumbull - Maureen, Jay, Kayleigh, Alannah and Declan

Naomi said...

What a tough decision to have to make! I had no idea you had been dealing with back issues. I'm sure your Alpaca boys will thrive at their new home, and I'm glad that you are able to keep your other babies.

Let me know when you're ready to 'reteach' a spinner....I'm

Coon Hollow Farm said...

You are just moving onto a new chapter...I have known you a long time and you will evolve this into something trully amazing, you are amazing like that...Luv you, Dawn

Pams Fiber from Dream Come True Farm said...

Thanks for all your support my friends. Dawn your right, it's just another chapter. The farm will still my heart and sole, just on a smaller scale. I hope to see the foe Ming family this year, we'll just change thing up a bit! We'd miss you. And Naomi whenever your ready to spin, just give me a call......