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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hooked on spinning wire! New item up for the grabbing!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share with you my newest handspun wire yarn creations. I'm so hooked on spinning with wire. I took some merino wool and blended in a lot of silk to make a soft batt with a shine. I then spun a wire core spun yarn. I'm going to spin up some wilder batts soon and make similar jewelry a bit on the wild side.  I have lots of ideas for this type of yarn! I hope to have an entire line in my farm shop, for Etsy and for shows. The wire allows me to shape and reshape the piece to whatever I may be in the mood for. Can't wait to do more of these creations. 36.00 for the set plus shipping of 5.00

 Please respect my ideas and if you decide to use this would  you please give credit where credit is due? Some ideas I love to share for the taking, and others seem to be near and dear to me, this being one of them. Of course using an idea is of the highest compliment, but I'm trying to build a business  and at the same time share what fiber has to offer. Giving credit for my ideas is much appreciated.  I always do the same.  And I think its only fair. I thank you ahead of time..Enjoy, see you soon.   XO

Silk and merino core spun wire yarn. Vintage button on cuff, shells on necklace. Color is coral with hints of pink.  Very soft, nice low shine to the yarn. 
 I'm selling this set,  more will be available soon. 36.00 plus 5.00 shipping. Please email me if interested. Thanks and have a grand day!

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