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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Treasurey of memories. The Ultimate Art yarn

I had to do a  single post to honor this art yarn.  I wanted to share the idea of a treasure yarn, a yarn of memories, a yarn that can be knitted into a special something with the memory treasures spun in.  Collect little trinkets that have special meaning and use them to spin a real treasure.  
  I custom blended the batt that made this yarn with alpaca babydoll blend from my animals adding in angeline, mohair locks, BFL locks, assorted hand dyed corriedale wool pieces and tiny felt nubs. Then i spun a single handspun. The next step was to re spin it on to a core, which I chose a very thin mohair. I re spun it as a coil yarn adding in treasures, trinkets, memories.. Glass beads, felt flowers, charms, broken jewelry pieces, lace crochet flowers, sequin, felted balls and other treasures. It came out awesome. This is a true art yarn. It can be worn as a cowl without knitting, place it in a strategic way and use as a yarn sculpture, pin it to the wall in an artistic manner.  Knit an awesome scarf on jumbo needles allowing the coils and treasures to be shown off .This yarn is in my Etsy shop and listed for 62.00 inc. shipping.  Or if purchased through my blog 59.00.  I hope it inspires you.  

1 comment:

SuzyJaneB said...

Gorgeous yarn! I love those flashes of pink through it, sooo pretty!