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Friday, August 3, 2012

FAF covered frame idea! With Art Yarn and Beads

Hello Everyone, happy Friday! I  hope you have some great plans for the weekend.
Today for FAF Id like to share the idea of making an artful picture frame from scrap yarn or some specially spun handspun. Its a great way to use little yardage, while adding color to your room and framing a favorite photo. What is used here is simply scrap yarns and strung beads, one being a broken necklace. They are both wrapped around a frame as shown. If you add a dab of glue here and there to make it a bit tacky it will arrange easily for you on the frame. It works best with a flat frame, not rounded. AC Moore crafts has some wonderful wood frames, no glass though, but for an extrememly reasonable price. They are all wood and unfinished. They come in all sizes. So the next step after  your finished wrapping the yarn around the frame you can cut a piece of heavy cardboard or a very thin sheet of balsam wood which is what I have used and staple gun it to the back of the frame. First make sure youve insertrd your photo........ and VIOLA!  For the home, or a very thoughtful gift for someone. You can also add in strips of fabric or what would be wonderful is the sari silk ribbon which is what I will add to my next one.  Another easy project that has no limits!

Farm news, hmm, all is quiet. The animals have had a bit of a break from the terrible heat. Don't get me wrong, its been hot, but a little better. They love the evenings, sleeping outside,wandering around quitly.  I go out to them during the day and bring chopped up carotts as a cool treat  they all love them.  The garden is awesome, the spaghetti squash and acorn squash has been so good!! The tomatoes are  flourishing. We have 17 different heirloom organic types. Given to us from Farmer Richard. Working hard on some new projects. I'm really enjoying spinning and using the wire core handspun. Ill be teaching a class this fall at Madison Wool. Details to follow soon. So for now that's it here from Pamsfiber at Dream Come True Farm.
Stay cool! 
PS I know you must be wondering who the cutie pie with the Dennis the Menace look is. Well, it's my wonderful grandson Luke! He's my little farm helper! 

As always I've listed new items in my take a peek if your interested
 in wire core handspun. Be well. XO

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WoolWench said...

I love this idea! What a great use of materials!